Monday, December 20, 2010

More Meri Meri place cards

Just wanted to show the latest cute cards from Meri Meri. They have such a great imagination. Also a shot of my ink wells. It must be the holidays if you have red, green and black inks at the ready.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Three Pieces

This week I needed to complete 3 different "pieces" for 3 different ( and I mean different ) clients.
One was for a someone who wanted to give a gift to her friend that has a horse, one was for a girl who wanted wall art for her boyfriend about greed (Yikes!) and one was a gift from a man to his ex sister in law
who gave him one of her kidneys!!  I don't usually like these jobs because I actually have to think and most
of the time what people want to write about is strange to me but I am glad they like what I do but the hardest part is when they first see it. Will they like it:? Will they hate it? You calligraphers out there know what I am talking about....and then you wait while they read it and you are hoping you didn't miss a word or spell something wrong. Whew!
   On a side note, the one with the horse, the client specifically asked for the font "Legend" designed by

Ernst Schniedler. I never did it before. It is in the book "Written Letters" by Jacqueline Svaren.