Friday, December 3, 2010

Three Pieces

This week I needed to complete 3 different "pieces" for 3 different ( and I mean different ) clients.
One was for a someone who wanted to give a gift to her friend that has a horse, one was for a girl who wanted wall art for her boyfriend about greed (Yikes!) and one was a gift from a man to his ex sister in law
who gave him one of her kidneys!!  I don't usually like these jobs because I actually have to think and most
of the time what people want to write about is strange to me but I am glad they like what I do but the hardest part is when they first see it. Will they like it:? Will they hate it? You calligraphers out there know what I am talking about....and then you wait while they read it and you are hoping you didn't miss a word or spell something wrong. Whew!
   On a side note, the one with the horse, the client specifically asked for the font "Legend" designed by

Ernst Schniedler. I never did it before. It is in the book "Written Letters" by Jacqueline Svaren.


Linda said...

Wow Hilary,

These certainly are very different, but you did a great job with each of them. Linda E.

Jane Farr said...

These three pieces really show the range of your skill Hilary! The Legende alphabet really fits the piece with the beautiful horse illustration. I agree. I feel as though I am holding my breath all the way through commissioned work. I bet your clients were very happy with their pieces. :)

Marjorie said...

Very nice -all three of them! Isn't it amazing what can be accomplished! I'm slow with commissions!

Renee Troy said...

These are stunning, Hilary! I'm sure your clients are happy campers. You put a new meaning to "ask and you shall receive".

Also wanting to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and a joyful new year.

God bless you.
In gratitude,

Hil-ink said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I need to post something new so I don't see that word "greed" anymore. Aargh!
Anyway, Merry Christmas to you all. This time of year is a lot of fun!